About Us

ApplyToServe is a website provided by Stanard & Associates, Inc. with the goal of simplifying the application process for both job seekers and hiring agencies.

Job seekers browse the list of available public safety jobs, and then simply create an account, or login to their existing account, to apply to any jobs which may be of interest. Once a desired job (or multiple jobs) is found, the job seeker clicks on the application, pays a nominal application fee, and begins the application process. The application management system available through ApplyToServe allows the applicant to access all necessary material for the application, provides all information needed to submit the application, and allows the applicant to follow the status of their application.

ApplyToServe also simplifies the application process for the hiring agency. Based on a review of the scientific literature related to pre-employment applications and consultation with legal professionals, ApplyToServe was created to help agencies collect pertinent and legitimate pre-employment information about prospective employees. By using ApplyToServe, public safety agencies can collect applications without the hassle of managing the numerous documents and enormous amounts of information typically involved in such a process. At the end of the application process, the hiring agency is provided with a digital PDF file of each candidate’s application packet for its review.

Stanard & Associates, Inc. administers the application process for the Agency, and the Agency retains authority over the application process and employment of individuals. All applicant information and application forms are the property of the Agency. Stanard & Associates, Inc. does not establish the qualification or eligibility requirements, required application procedures, or related employment standards and procedures and is limited in addressing questions or requests for information in these areas.